Building a Social Media Strategy (PART 2)

Just something interesting to kick it off and then a week later, you can roll into dropping a song or announcing the album. – So, you wanna release a song on Friday. Start by teasing on Monday so that you can build up the anticipation so that they're literally hanging off the edge of their seat and they're like, "What else is?" "How can I be a part of this?" – All leading up to the main event, a shiny new track. – So then, the week after the release drops, you want to continue to promote across all of your socials, so that you're reaching your audience where ever they're at. – All right, sounds good but, where are they? – You don't have to guess.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have all your fan demo

You get things like, age, location, in addition to seeing when your fans are actually active on your page. – I didn't realize that I had a massive group of fans in Malaysia. I had no idea until we looked into the analytics. – Sally! – You can use that data to see what is and isn't working and it can help you be smarter about what to post and when. – Super Sally! (laughing) – Alright, Bob. What else you got? – Spotify makes it really easy to share your tracks on social.

You just click on the track and there's a bunch of options for you to share on whichever platform you prefer. – And I hear good things about the stories, that you can directly link a Spotify song onto a photo. So, anytime I take a photo that I feel really depicts the mood of the song, I put the song onto there and I kind of like, let everyone know, this is how I was feeling when I wrote this song. – I like to use stories sometimes when I'm just like, at home by myself and I'm like singing. You know posts that are like, karaoke videos? – Hey, what's up, Tayshi? – All people have to do is like, swipe up on your story and it takes them to the Spotify page for it and I think as easy as you can make it, from the post to the song, the better. – Cool.

Now don't overthink it

Remember to have some fun with your posts. – There so much you could do to keep the fan convo going. – You could @ your fans. You could actually live stream with them.

You could repost some of the content that they're producing. The artists that are doing this well are really thoughtful going into a campaign about making their fans feel like they're part of a community and that they're on this journey with them. – So get out and make the connection.Catch you next time.



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