Building a Social Media Strategy

Building a Social Media Strategy with being pays on Spotify – All right, so your big single, album release, or tour is on the horizon. It's time to plan out a social campaign. That's means figuring out how your posts, stories, and favorite GIFs are gonna add up to more followers, streams, and ticket sales. – It really helps to lean into who you are and build your online presence first, because that's definitely gonna help guide where your social campaign's gonna go. – That's Katie from Spotify. – Hello. – And that's Bob from Spotify. – What up? – Y'all feeling good? – Yeah. – Yeah.


Properly caffeinated 

I feel great. – You might be an always on, share it all kind of personality, or you might just wanna leave your focus to the music and that's totally fine. – Here's how Conan Gray uses his platform. – I feel like I really like to goof off on my story. Like, I'm not really like, "Ah, This is a business move." It's very much just like, I like this weird cap and I think it's cool, so I'm gonna put it on my head, type of thing. You just need to like, show your personality because that's what people are gonna respond well to. – So, be yourself and pick the right platform.

Then, get your fans involved. Next up, – Identify your goals. Do you wanna hit a certain follower count on IG? Do you have a single that you're trying to push that you really wanna focus on? Or, do you have a tour, and you're just trying to fill that out, city to city? – Once you narrow down your goals, you need to actually build a strategy to get there and that's where KPI's come in. Wait, hold up.

What's a KPI?

So, KPI's are key performance indicators. – Social media expert, Sharell Jeffery. – Hi, y'all. I was gonna do like, a little tap dance, but I didn't. Say your goal is ticket sales. Your KPI's are gonna be based off of swipe ups, link clicks. They basically track your performance.

How you're doing with engagement on your profile. – All that info helps you build a better plan and planning is key. – In terms of campaign strategy, If you're going up for a release, I think something that's really interesting to do is create a piece of content a week out, that has Easter eggs, or has things hidden in it that lead into what the album is about. – Co general manager, Mom + Pop Music, Jessica Page. – Maybe there's a song about being in space, so there's an astronaut helmet and you're playing a piano.

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