Building Your Artist Profile

Building Your Artist Profile (techno music) – [Narrator] Good first impressions are hard, but not impossible. With Spotify for Artists, you control your artist profile, so you can show listeners who you are and what you think about to always make that killer first impression. There you go!

The best way to build your brand is through your artist profile.


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It's your listener's go-to for all things connected to you and your music. – You really need to think about your personal brand and what you want to come across to the users, so that's your photos, bio, concerts, and your merch. – Building your identity should feel natural and unique. – [Narrator] He should know. This is Troy, he runs creator services. – All of the superstars had some sort of point of view and some sort of identity. You think about Prince he owns a color. – [Narrator] Okay, first, let's talk about photos. You get an avatar image, a background image, and a gallery for promo shots or concert photos. Then there's your bio, a space where you can write your life story how you want. This is pop band Sure Sure.


They took their bio to the next level. – We decided to actually get a phone, and then we put the number in our bio, so we get calls from fans, like, three times a day. – You can have it flash at the bottom of the screen right now. (laughs) – [Narrator] Your artist profile also includes concerts and merch. Let's talk to Steve, he works on the product development team. Oh, and he also holds the world record for– – Drinking a bottle of Tabasco sauce. (applause) An artist's concert dates will appear on Spotify if they have concerts listed on Ticketmaster, Songkick, AXS, or Eventbrite. The tour dates will also show up on the personalized concert section for every fan, so every fan can stay in the know about those concerts. – I think it's really cool that a fan can discover you, listen to your music, go to your artist profile, scroll down, and see when you're coming to town. – [Narrator] This is X. – Nice to meet you. – [Narrator] He works here at Spotify. – There's also a merch section. We pull in your top three items from Merchbar. I've seen custom guitars, limited edition vinyl, I've even seen custom teapots. – [Narrator] That's dope!

Well, that's it. See what's up with other episodes and Artist's Pick and Playlist. Later.

Building Your Artist Profile (techno music) – [Narrator] Good first impressions are hard, but not impossible.


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