All-New Discovery InControl Touch Pro How to Connect Antenna to Mobile Data Land Rover USA

Your Land Rover Discovery incorporates a roof-mounted antenna for connection to mobile data. Up to eight devices can be wirelessly connected to the system. Connection to the internet is made either by Wi-Fi, hotspot or mobile data using the vehicle's micro SIM card.


All-New Discovery InControl Touch Pro | How to Connect Antenna to Mobile Data | Land Rover USA [Music] This article will show you how to connect using these three methods. When connecting a portable device to the internet, the ignition needs to be switched on. A connection can be made to the internet either via an external Wi-Fi network within range or via a data enabled micro SIM card. To access the internet connection options, select the Settings icon from any main menu screen. The Settings pop-up menu displays.

Touch All Settings followed by Features 

From the list of Features, select Connectivity to display the Connectivity screen. This screen gives you three options. Hotspot, Wi-Fi and Mobile data. To create a Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle, switch the Hotspot option On. The hotspot's name and password can be viewed via the Hotspot settings option.

To generate a new password, touch the Refresh icon. Select Off to disable the Hotspot. To connect to a Wi-Fi network switch the Wi-Fi option On. Touch Add to display a list of available networks on the Wi-Fi network screen.

Use the scroll bar if required to view the full list. A secure network is indicated by a padlock icon. These require a password to enable them.

When a secure network is selected, a keyboard displays. Enter the network's password and select OK. The connecting status is shown next to the network's name This changes to Connected once the network is connected. The chosen network moves to the top of the list and the network's name is shown on the Connectivity screen. If a connection is made, the Wi-Fi icon displays.

Touch the name to display a pop-up menu 

Selecting Forget erases a network's details from the list. Some networks may not appear in the list and may be hidden.

To add a hidden network, touch the Add Network soft key at the bottom of the list. The Add Network screen displays. Enter the network's name by touching the respective Add option. Enter the details on the displayed keyboard and touch OK to confirm the details. If the displayed Security type information is incorrect touch it and select the network's associated Security type from the list.

If a password is required, touch the respective Add option to display the keyboard. Enter the network's password and select OK to confirm. When all of the relevant information has been entered, touch Connect to access the internet. To connect via a mobile network, switch the Mobile data option On. A Settings soft key displays on the screen. This soft key allows you to view and change your Mobile data settings.

If you are having a problem with receiving data from your network operator, touch Network provider. The Network provider's screen displays with two options. Select On to automatically reset your provider's APN settings.

Select Off to manually adjust the settings. Enter the name of the network, the username and the password and select Connect. For more information on your Land Rover Discovery visit LandRoverUSA.com or contact your authorized Land Rover retailer.


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