You're not just making music for yourself, you're making music because you wanna get heard, which means you wanna get on playlists. Here's X from here at Spotify. – What's up everybody? – About to drop that knowledge. – Let's do it, let's do it. There are billions of discoveries happening every month on our service, and over half of them come from our programming.


That means it's the number one way for you to get your music discovered. What's really cool, is that Spotify for Artists now lets you deliver unreleased music to the right editorial team for playlist consideration. – Dope, but first, let's talk Payola. That's Pay For Play. – You cannot buy your way onto a playlist. – This is Meg from Spotify. – Oh, you didn't say stop, sorry. – All good. – No one can affect those decisions. There are thousands of playlists. Each playlist is made with the listener in mind. – If anyone offers you Pay For Play to get on a Spotify playlist, – The way you can end up on a Spotify playlist is to get us your music as early as possible. (alarm clock ringing) (cockerel crowing) We're talking at most, weeks out, when your music is ready, or at a minimum seven days.

Over 20,000 songs a day

That's because we get over 20,000 songs a day. It's just a lot of music to listen to, it's just a lot! So the earlier you get us your music, the better your chances. – Okay, so what happens next? – So then, once your music is delivered, but before it's released, you and your team have a chance to tag it, so it can end up in the running for the playlist that's right for you. – Start by picking one track. – There's no one right way to pick a track. Pick the one that you love. Pick a track that you would want millions of people singing at the same time. – Okay, next, choose your genre, moods, styles, language, and type of recording, then tell us what city you identify with, the story behind your song, review, and submit. – We have playlists for every theme, music, moment, holiday, whatever. So having your tags right helps the editors find the right music for each one.

It also helps the algorithms know where to send your tracks for those algorithmic playlists too. – Real talk, there's no guarantee you'll end up on an editorial playlist. But if you got your tags right, and you submit early, your track has a better chance of getting picked up. – One thing is for sure, the algorithms are designed to automatically deliver your music to your followers the week it comes out. – And once you're on a playlist, don't sleep on sharing. Soul pop singer Amber Mark's got that sharing down. – So when my tracks are featured on, you know, any Spotify playlist, especially when it's a big one, I tend to go through social media, I'm huge on Instagram. The first time it was ever featured on a playlist, I was like, "Oh my God!" On the phone, calling literally everyone I know. – She's right, make sure to get the word out about playlists you've been featured on. – Sharing is everything. The more you share your music, the better chances people have of hearing it.


The more people hear it, the better chance you have of getting on a playlist, staying on a playlist, and making new fans. – That's dope. – Yeah, I think so. And you know what, if your music doesn't get playlisted on release day, pick your head up, don't worry about it.

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