I make it feel like it's a song about our relationship, but what it's about is about what happens when people stop caring when not about . What happens if I lose my fan It's not cool to be like, "What's going to happen though?" You're supposed to be like, "I don't care man.

It's rock and roll dude." Because what about all my feelings?

It's about trusting your instinct as an artist. That's what I've really learned. You do something right and then you go, "Well, I wasn't really thinking about why I was doing when I did that.

So fuck, I need to do it again." And then you try to intellectualize. When really, it was just your instinct. It's trusting what naturally comes out is what's going to resonate.

So I think with this song that we wrote the original bit and then it went right round I've loads of stuff on it. I've noticed stuff and I had a big string of it. We tried to make it a million things and then what we actually reverted back to, it's essentially the demo that we made in George's flat. And that's kind of what happens with most stuff.

The thing that stops me having an existential crisis about my connection to the rest of humankind is the relationship that I have my fan base. So again, this is about my fear of losing that. Brian has a great example of kind of how people work.

You've kind of got like the farmer and the cowboy 

The farmer is the kind of conservative attitude who stays in one place and wants to make that at all times as good as possible and to last as long in that state whereas the cowboy just And These aren't things that are particularly thought out. That I'm not saying I'm a cowboy because it's cooler than being a farmer. I'm just saying that naturally, I'm drawn to places that have not been before. Mark Rothko said this amazing thing once.

Somebody asked him how long it took him to finish that painting and he said 59 years. And I feel a little bit like that about this record. It is the sum of my understanding. I do want people to break up with their girlfriends and cry to this song. I want you to do that.

That was part of my intention 

The double value of it, doubles the value. It doesn't take away from it as a love song. It only adds to it as a love song. It has another layer. I remember I met somebody, she was about 23 years old and the boyfriend had died in a car accident and she explained that one of the things that she struggled with is how angry she felt at him. She knew that that's not justified or not a good quality, but she literally said, "But what about this fucking insane love that I have for you?" In my absence, my ego is still taking over thinking he could have done one more really. Or I could have been a sign.

I could have been a cautionary tale. I'm not scared about becoming old fashioned. I'm not scared of that shit. We're the best fucking pop band of the past 10 years. I've already done that. I get to do whatever the fuck I want now.

At the beginning I say with such confidence, "Why would I rest on my laurels? Why would I do that? And then the idea of having my relationship with my audience taken away from me is presented And then by the time we get to the next line, we go, "Well, maybe I would do that if it means that you're not going to fuck up.


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