A few months of debate about the future of fishing left behind and now we are on the land of Yakutia. We arrived in the city of Neryungri, this is South Yakutia. Main luggage we sent before, through logistics company.

The receiving party has already met him and loaded him into the tracked vehicle, we have to load the things that we brought with us and some of the products we bought here.


It is worth noting that this land belonged to the Evenks, the Yakuts came here much later. By the way, Neryungri is translated from the Evenk as the river of grayling, so we have to catch a lot of grayling. Interesting fact that the city was first called Nuryungri, as the name of the river.

An error occurred in the publication of the geographical encyclopedia, the name was written Neryungri. It was more expensive to recall all the publications than to change the name of a small village. Here is how was determined the name of a small town.

Yakutia welcomed us with warm and sunny weather. At first, the road gave us a false idea that the trip will be easy. Then the dirt road was replaced by a country road, and then the road disappeared completely and most of the way went off-road.

The water in the rivers and streams was warm enough to bathe. The local guys said they never swam here and they never saw anyone swimming here. The fact of warm water influenced our trip, but I will tell about it later. We have arrived. It is stream Aldakay.

We'll unload and set up camp. We will fish, spend the night and go further We spent the night and went fishing. All tired after the road and went fishing the most enduring and caught only one fish tench. When he came was night and could not film a fish.

The third day we spent on the road. In the evening our tracked vehicle stuck. We decided to set up a camp in the swamp and carry out a rescue operation in the morning. A fire, camp in the swamp, the history of transport continues. We have arrived to Kaldan.

We`ve arrived, unloading 

Oleg, Dima, again Dima, Ilya, Anton. Set base camp. Here we will live and fish for a few days. Now we don`t have to pack every day and unpack again in the evening. – Sergey, do you like this river? – Sure, sure , after 4 days in the road, I`m in love with this river 🙂 We were divided into 2 crews. It turns out that full fishing began on the fifth day of the trip. This is the standard size for Astrakhan and this is Yakutia, here the size should be 4 times larger, сaught right at my feet.

Here it is, the Queen! I wonder if I have something. Look what I`ve got, let`s have them near!

See how it pulls! I think yours is bigger. Pull the fish to shore and take a camera. Hunting for pike with a gun.

Gun just in case. – The snap broke – Yeah, i said that local snap is weak Oh, your fish is bigger. Lets take it, i will film you. Fishing spoon is perfect Put them together, Yes, mine less. Come on, which one of you is the luckiest?

Do you know why? 🙂 Because here`s what we have We have something without which you can not do fishing. This lures fish.


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