Japanese high school

Hello everyone, today we will go to a Japanese private high school. That is in Hokkaido, Sapporo. Video about a day at a Junior High School in Japan I would link down below. Every morning I take this road on my way to school.

Behind me you can see the mountains in the background. We were invited to teach at a summer language camp for about a week.


It's gonna be a global course on global issues, communication and learning foreign languages. At the entrance everyone take off their shoes. and put their shoes in those lockers. All the classrooms look about the same, like this: and the lockers at the back Students keep their PE uniform, shoes and textbooks I noticed that it's pretty common to use electronic dictionaries at English classes. They come in a variety of colors, like pink or blue or any other color you want. I found it interesting that Japanese students don't normally go to canteen for lunch or having snacks. Instead they take bento boxes with them. Bento is basically a lunch box.

Japanese students

So Japanese students usually have lunch in the classroom. It was funny when during the lunch break one of the girls asked her classmate to buy something in a vending machine for her, some kind of dessert or a snack. And instead of just giving him a 100 yen coin, she gave the whole wallet to him. A couple of words about the school uniform. For girls it's a navy or checkered skirt, a white or blue shirt, gray or white vest. And (of course) Japan's well recognized school bow tie For boys it's dark or checkered pants, Black or blue shirt, and a gray or a white vest I got a question from you guys on Instagram how could you distinguish sophomores from seniors by their uniform? actually, by their shoes' color. Green for sophomores, Red for juniors and blue for seniors.

Activities in school

There is a lot of extracurricular activities in Japanese school: such as Arts, Music, choir, sports teams. Musical instrument classes where they practice the brass instruments or the piano. Once a week there is a cleaning day at japanese schools. like washing and wiping their classrooms. this chalkboard duster cleaning machine was funny. Like there is a special tool for a duster.

Of course it wouldn't be the full review of the school, unless I wouldn't show the school bathrooms: I mean there are enough of mirrors for everyone! the toilets are also fancy, with the warming up seat and a bidet I am on my way back home from school and there seems to be some street festival in Sapporo. As in any school I guess there are differnt cliques: in Japan I noticed there are those who like Korea, glamorous girls and gamer nerds. the class seemed to be really friendly, because although the students are having their lunches in groups, everyone was walking around freely, talking, joking and joining others. One of the parts of the camp was presenting foreign cultures to japanese students. International students brought their national costumes,

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